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Body Positivity — Acceptance & Intuitive Eating Workshop

  • Lifetime Therapy 77 Lemon Street Truro, England, TR1 2PN United Kingdom (map)

Why workshop?

Lifetime workshops are an opportunity to step away from the daily patterns of life that can limit growth into a generous non-judgemental space. This workshop invites you to challenge negative thought processes and invest in your whole self: body and mind.

Body positivity

We'll be exploring why we find it such a struggle to accept our bodies in today's world. Thinking negatively about our bodies is learnt from childhood onwards via subtle political, economic and social  influences that many of us aren't even aware of. We'll be looking at how we can become more resilient to the harmful effects of advertising and social media, how we can 'un-learn' negative thoughts about our bodies and replace them with more loving ways of viewing ourselves (and others) to make space for living life with more peace, freedom and joy.

Who is it for?

Our workshops are beneficial to anyone with an uneasy relationship with their body, however pervasive that unease may be. All of us feel frustrated with our bodies at times. Sometimes these frustrations grow into something more insidious and can threaten our wellbeing. For this reason, we would all benefit from learning to acknowledge negative body thoughts and to accept ourselves as we are in the present.


Introduction an introduction to our key themes: noticing, hopes & fears, mind & body, strategies for acceptance

Ditch the diets cutting through the confusion around nutrition and introducing you to the evidence behind why we should ditch the scales and diets for good. Within a safe and compassionate space, we will explore our relationship to food and our lived experiences with dieting.

Lunch a chance to take a break, connect and enjoy food.

Intuitive eating become the expert of your body. If not diets, then what? An introduction on how to develop a more peaceful and positive relationship with food. We'll explore the principles of intuitive eating and get you started on your journey. Activities: Meditation: get to know your hunger cues Meditation: mindful eating Group: gentle nutrition

Acceptance workshop through mindful awareness and practice we can increase our level of acceptance for ourselves, cultivating resilience to the damaging messages that surround us

Farewell my lovelies through her comedy set ‘Farewell my Lovelies’ Julie Stone offers her own unique insight into body acceptance.

Body Positivity — Acceptance & Intuitive Eating Workshop (May)
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Malachy is a therapist and founder of Lifetime. Malachy’s practice is based in mindful acceptance and he will be available during the workshop as a group enabler.


Mel describes herself as “a mum of three, Body Positive fitness instructor, feminist & 'health at every size' advocate.”


Mel is a Nutritionist (ANutr) and weightlifting coach. She specialises in intuitive eating and is an advocate for Health At Every Size. 


Julie is a yoga practitioner and teacher whose self-practice took on new dimensions as part of her own recovery from cancer. Julie infuses her practice with compassion and humour, encouraging students to think of their relationship with yoga as a personal lifelong journey. In this workshop, Julie will demonstrate that a well cultivated sense of humour about bodily matters can be a powerful tool for healing and acceptance.