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A space where seemingly impossible change can occur


For many of us, working in a group is vital in precipitating change. Often experienced as stronger than the sum of its parts, a group provides a space where seemingly impossible change can occur. Our counsellors are skilled in harnessing the healing qualities of feedback and support present in groups, often enhancing changes made in individual therapy. At Lifetime, we offer regular group sessions, as listed below, and establish new groups according to the needs of our clients. Art, writing and drama can all add to the effectiveness of groups and we have access to experienced facilitators in all these fields.

Duration 90 min  ·  Initial 10-week timeline  ·  Minimum 4 people/maximum 8 people + facilitator ·  Pricing £150 payable in advance




In our prosperity group, we support individuals who consistently feel unable to value themselves or the services they offer. Often as small business owners or lone workers, we find it hard to charge a going rate and find that we work long hours for little reward. Through skilled and knowledgeable guidance, personal development and the power of a group of like-minded people, we can develop a prosperous mindset and an increased sense of our own true worth.


By exploring the roots of our codependency in this supportive and empowering group, we begin to understand how we can forge new lives, free from the impulses we experience. With a growing awareness of our emotional processes we can find new priorities and new fulfilment based on meeting our own needs and not the needs of others.

Attendance at this group is by invitation after an assessment by one of our therapists.


As men we rightly face many difficult questions in the current environment. Many of these questions challenge long held beliefs about what it is to be a man. In the safety of a well-guided group, men can explore emotions, relationships and beliefs. This exploration can support us in being different fathers and husbands, different sons and partners and friends. We can move to a more empathic and compassionate way of being and experience the benefits of this growth in our lives and relationships.