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Designed by Malachy Dunne, Lifetime Therapy Founder, Counsellor, Educator, Columnist & Entrepreneur

This one-day workshop will help you navigate the transition to business owner, enabling you to set your practice up for success. You will benefit from exclusive access to tools and resources used by Lifetime Therapy, and discover a community to support you throughout your business development process.


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This workshop is designed for two groups of people


Newly-qualified Practitioners

As counsellors and business people, we are uniquely able to support you as a developing practitioner and entrepreneur. Our team includes teachers in counselling supervision as well as brand strategists and marketers, all of whom share a commitment to helping people grow and thrive.

— You’ve recently qualified and you don’t know where to start
— You may have doubts in your ability to earn a living from Counselling
— You’re looking for support in setting up your own Private Practice

Professionals already in Practice

Designed and led by counsellors who made the leap to private practice, this workshop combines practical information and tools with opportunities to explore your unique business proposition and brand identity with practitioners and strategists.

— You want to pivot and set up your own Private Practice
— You need help with the business-side of things
— You want to increase your income and make a comfortable living


Workshop Contents


We listened to your concerns through our Supervision practice and created this workshop to respond to needs of newly-qualified and practicing Counselling Professionals. It fills in the gaps unaddressed by academic education and clinical training.


Part I: Defining ourselves as Professionals
Part II: Branding and Online Presence
Part III: Supervision in a Professional Context
Part IV: Money Mindsets and Pricing
Bonus: Professional Photography & Business Toolkit

Business Toolkit includes

— Digital business tools
— Branding & marketing worksheets
— Access to our private support group
— Professional headshots
— Access to all new and updated content 

Why is this workshop different?

Mindsets: As members of a helping profession, we can find it difficult to balance our own needs with those of others. At Business of Counselling we believe counsellors are best able to support others when they feel well-supported and secure. We believe a pleasant working environment and a decent wage are essentials, not luxuries and are happy to promote this growth mindset.

: Developed by the designers and brand strategists behind Lifetime Therapy, your Business Toolkit includes digital business tools and resources that are worth the workshop fee alone. From choosing the right brand name to launching your website, our specialists focus on the skills and tools that are most relevant to your counselling business.

Support: As independent business owners, we understand how important it is to share ideas and experiences in a safe and supportive space. Our workshop takes place in an atmosphere of honesty and acceptance where we encourage each other to test ideas and voice concerns. When the workshop is over our conversations can continue online where our private support group enables you to share experiences and extend feedback and friendship.



Taught by Malachy Dunne and Sally Allardyce, who bring many years of successful teaching, counselling and supervisory experience; and brand strategists Julia Denni and Sarah Conway, design and words respectively.

This will be a dynamic workshop offering participants the opportunity to set up a private practice with confidence.

Malachy also offers Business Mentoring, enquire to find out more.


Student Testimonials 


“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and found it extremely useful to start a new counselling practice. We were given many tools and lots of insight with which I left feeling much more confident than before. I highly recommend it.”

— Viviana Spagnuolo

“I attended this workshop in 2nd gear... I left in 5th! The workshop exceeded my expectations as it was both informative but also motivational. I arrived with the intention of setting up a slowly evolving private practice — I left with much bigger intentions and tapping into an ambition that I thought I had left behind me.”

— Collette Loftus


Pricing & Schedule


Past workshops:

June 15, 2019
October 12, 2019

Next workshop will be announced soon.
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What’s this workshop all about?

Getting your counselling business off to a flying start. Working with people who understand counselling and business and who have proven success in building successful people-centred businesses.

Attending the workshop will help you:

— Launch your Private Practice with confidence
— Define the terms of your business
— “Be of service” and make a living to support yourself and others
— Avoid wasting hours researching tools to run your practice effectively
— Find support through a community of private practitioners

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for some reason it’s not everything you expected, let us know within 30 days of attending and we’ll refund every penny. No questions asked.