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Lifetime Therapy is a Counselling Practice, Training Centre and Wellness Clinic in Truro, Cornwall

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Our practice is rooted in compassion, acceptance and our belief in the limitless power of individuals to heal.

Malachy Dunne, Lifetime Founder


Upcoming events

Body Positivity — Acceptance & Intuitive Eating Workshop

September 22, 2019

Lifetime workshops are an opportunity to step away from the daily patterns of life that can limit growth into a generous non-judgemental space. This workshop invites you to challenge negative thought processes and invest in your whole self: body and mind.

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Business of Counselling

October 12, 2019

This one-day workshop will help you navigate the transition to business owner, enabling you to set your practice up for success. You will benefit from exclusive access to tools and resources used by Lifetime Therapy, and discover a community to support you throughout your business development process.

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Encounter Group — Explore, Connect & Reflect

OcTOber 19, 2019

A rare chance to be a member of an authentic encounter group. Limited to a maximum of 8 participants it will be an opportunity for exploration, connection with others and reflection. Led by Malachy Dunne and Simon Prest, this is an event for both qualified counsellors and counsellors in training.

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Therapy offering

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One-to-one counselling for anyone experiencing anxiety, depression or other mental unrest.

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A bespoke series of therapies for people with addictions. Lifetime offers you support in making a lasting change.

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Working therapeutically outside brings us into contact with the natural environment as a healing space.

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Couples therapy to support us through the stresses that all relationships can experience.

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One-to-one sessions offering you support and healing when you experience a loss or bereavement.

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Support for counselling or psychotherapy practitioners to empower you in your professional growth.

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Often experienced as stronger than the sum of its parts, a group provides a space where seemingly impossible change can occur.

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With clients in Nepal and Mexico as well as London and St Ives, 'anywhere' means just that: our practice recognises no barriers to your growth.

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These conditions: honesty, acceptance and empathy, offered skilfully by a trained therapist, will form the basis for change and healing.

Malachy Dunne, Lifetime Founder

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77 Lemon Street, Truro, Cornwall TR1 2EB