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Reconnect, Nourish & Nurture — Mind & Body Weekend Retreat

  • Lifetime Therapy 77 Lemon Street Truro, England, TR1 2PN United Kingdom (map)

Why retreat?

A Lifetime retreat is a conscious withdrawal from the daily patterns that can limit growth into a restorative space of healing, courage and change. This wellness weekend invites you to invest in yourself and to recognise retreat not as a running away, but as an exercise in the self-care that is essential to healthy repair and regeneration.

Mind & Body

On this retreat, we will explore connections between the mind and body. You will learn to notice patterns of thought and sensation and will begin to accept these without fear. Through talk, meditation, exercise and nutrition, you will have the opportunity to reconnect mind and body and feel empowered to nurture this precious relationship as you move forward. 

Who is it for?

Retreats are beneficial to everyone. Our strains and stresses, no matter how large or small, deplete us of energy and deprive us of the conditions we need to thrive. Lifetime retreats are transformative experiences that promote the clarity and strength we all need to enjoy meaningful lives.


Retreat Vision & Purpose an introduction to our key themes: noticing, hopes & fears, mind & body, strategies for acceptance

Meditation & Bodywork a guided introduction to a range of practical techniques to help you notice thought patterns and physical tensions that do not serve you, that may hold you back or generate fear and anxiety. By noticing these you can accept them and learn to live more positively

Guided Meditation the body-mind connection and the relationship between noticing, fear and acceptance

Lunch nourishing food has a profound effect on both the mind and body. The meals provided on this retreat are wholesome and nutritious

Progressive Muscle Relaxation a 'body scan' to aid digestion

Walking Meditation a strategy for noticing and acceptance, focusing on the sensation of touch alleviates fear, anxiety and negative thought patterns and reminds you to notice the natural world around you and find comfort in the healing power of nature.


Discussion sleep, mind and body

Yoga chanting yoga, breathing techniques and Pranayama to release tension

Food practical choices to nourish mind and body


Group workshop sharing, self-compassion and acceptance

Guided meditation

Massage and one-to-one counselling sessions are available to pre-book. Support provided throughout.


Malachy is a counsellor, therapist, clinical supervisor and teacher. He has been in private practice for over ten years and works principally in a humanistic, person-centred way. Underpinning all his work is the belief that given the right conditions, namely honesty, empathy and compassionate, mindful acceptance, we, as humans, have a limitless capacity for healing and growth. His practice is also informed by his time spent training as a yoga instructor in Kerala, Southern India.


Lily is a practicing osteopath and naturopath. She runs Inspiring Health Clinic in Falmouth and is passionate about the power of natural therapeutic approaches in healing body and mind. She trained and worked in London, before making her way west. Having worked in a world class yoga centre, gym, top teaching college in London, and in a family-orientated functional neurology clinic in Devon, she has a broad knowledge base that informs her integrated approach to health. Lily’s practice is centred around the fact that the body has an innate drive towards repair and health and we have to work towards removing obstacles to that drive.


Based in Falmouth's Killigrew Street, Good Vibes Café is known for its delicious plant based menus, laid back atmosphere and positive energy. Good Vibe food and refreshments served with love perfectly complement our themes of connection, nourishment and nurture for mind and body.